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A new clinical trial published in the British Journal of Surgery, a peer-reviewed publication, compared the effectiveness of VNUS closure with that of laser ablation, or the use of guided lasers to heat and seal problem veins, and found results favorable to the VNUS. The study was performed by Dr. A.C. Shepherd and his team at the Imperial Vascular Unit at Charing Cross Hospital in London, England.

As related in the paper entitled “Randomized Clinical Trial of VNUS ClosureFAST Radiofrequency Ablation versus Laser for Varicose Veins,” Dr. Shepherd’s team performed a “randomized trial,” in which one group underwent the VNUS Closure, while the other was given laser ablation. This was the classic “double-blind” trial method, which is considered to be among the most elite, reliable types of studies.

VNUS vs. Laser Ablation

The researchers employed standardized tests for each group or “cohort” to measure the pain and quality of life in 313 patients at the same outpatient center, and questionnaires to gather the data.

The study had two goals:

  1. To determine whether there was any difference in “post-procedural pain after 3 days”
  2. To determine whether there was any difference in “the quality of life at 6 weeks”

The Findings

The findings showed good news and even better news. The good news is: both procedures improved the quality of life of the patients when the researchers looked at them 6 weeks after the surgery. In fact, there were few significant differences between the two approaches in the long term.

The VNUS procedure outperformed the laser procedure in two key ways, however. Those who received the VNUS procedure were able to return to work within three days, and the VNUS procedure resulted in a significant reduction in pain scores compared to the laser group. This lower pain score predictably led to less use of painkillers and other medicine. That is very good news!

The Take-Away

No one study can give an answer with 100% certainty. What this particular medical team found, however, was that VNUS closure is a very promising approach with faster recovery times. After having undergone the procedure, most participants felt less pain, and, in the long run, their quality of life improved. The work, of course, is ongoing.

If you’re suffering from varicose veins, get the help you need. VNUS closure is gaining traction with its promising outcomes. It very well may be the treatment that gets you back on your feet.


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December 29th, 2016

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