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Please take a minute to review our frequently asked questions! If you have a question, call 877.761.6326 to speak with a specialist today.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are engorged veins that develop after valves within veins become defective, causing blood to pool or flow backward. According to the American Society for Vascular Surgery, approximately 20 to 25 million Americans suffer from varicose veins. These diseased veins may appear bluish in color and protrude from the surface of the skin.

Are vein treatments painful?

It’s important to note that each person is unique and has a different “pain threshold.” Some vein ablation procedures may cause discomfort, but generally speaking, pain is minor and temporary. Mild bruising may occur after the procedure, but over time, the bruise will fade and the vein will heal.

How quickly can I resume normal activity?

Each vein treatment is different, so after care instructions will vary depending on the patient’s condition and procedure. Our vein care specialists may recommend the use of compression stockings for two weeks after treatment. Typically, there is no downtime needed for these procedures, so a physician may encourage the patient to resume their normal activity levels immediately after treatment.

How do I know what vascular doctor is right for me?

The specialists at Clarity Vein & Vascular are experts at identifying the needs of venous disease patients. Additionally, all of the vascular physicians who partner with Clarity meet strict and rigorous standards set by the American Board of Surgery or the American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine. This means our vascular doctors are board certified in vascular and general surgery. Let our team find the best vein care specialist for you.

Are my symptoms connected to cardiovascular disease or heart disease?

Common symptoms associated with vein disease range from swelling, muscle cramps, and heaviness to skin discoloration and ulcers around the legs and ankles. The best way to find out if your symptoms are linked to a vein disease is to call 877.761.6326 to speak to one of our knowledgeable specialists regarding your issues.

The look of my veins don’t bother me, but are there health risks I do not know about?

It’s a common misconception that spider veins and varicose veins are a cosmetic concern rather than a legitimate health issue. While these veins may appear harmless, they are an early indicator of vein and cardiovascular disease. If left untreated, varicose veins and other venous diseases can lead to serious complications such as deep vein thrombosis (blood clots), skin ulcers, or a pulmonary embolism.

Why should I choose Clarity?

Clarity provides premier concierge medical services for patients suffering from venous diseases. Our expertly trained Clarity Specialists ensure unparalleled customer service that focuses on quality and compassionate care. During the initial onboarding process, every patient is matched with a dedicated Clarity representative. Once you’ve been paired up with a Clarity Specialist, he or she will be with you every step of the way. Our specialists make a concerted effort to help you receive the care you deserve. To learn more about our process, please visit our About Us section.

I just filled out the form, now what?

After you’ve filled out the patient information form on the website, a Clarity Specialist will contact you within 24 hours. The response rate may vary depending on the time you submit your form (i.e. weekends, holidays, etc.). This Clarity Specialist will be your point of contact throughout the process, and he or she will help connect you to the best vein doctors and vascular surgeons in your area. If you have a question or concern about your level of care, please inform your Clarity Specialist right away. He or she will work with you to make sure you are receiving the quality vein care you need.

Are vein treatments covered by insurance?

Most health insurance programs will cover your treatment. Regardless, your Clarity Specialist will help educate you on your benefits, possible out-of-pocket costs, and procedure options before scheduling your initial appointment. Be sure to ask your Clarity Specialist about your health insurance plan and whether or not it will cover your vein treatment(s).