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Carotid disease, also known as carotid artery stenosis, is a condition that causes the narrowing of blood vessels in the neck from atherosclerosis. This disease is often considered “life threatening” because it is usually discovered after a stroke or stroke-like attack. Carotid disease is severe and should be treated before a blood clot forms in the neck and travels up to the brain, causing a stroke. A physician may prescribe cholesterol lowering medications and blood thinners to help improve blood flow to the brain and reduce the risk of stroke.


Symptoms of carotid disease are not immediately apparent in patients. In fact, most patients don’t know they have this condition until they’ve suffered a stroke or stroke-like attack. Common symptoms of carotid disease include:

  • Mini-stroke
  • Stroke
  • Temporary vision loss in one eye

If you are experiencing Carotid Disease symptoms, it may be time for a professional review.

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